Interesting Links - October 2021

Random interesting links collected throughout October 2021.

The Evolution of Trust
an interactive guide to the game theory of why & how we trust each other
Panic Knots
These are good knots to know when you’re on the spot and don’t know which knot to use. This video shows examples on an ATV (all terrain vehicle), tree, and t...
ADS-B Flug Tracking - FlightAware
FlightAware operates a worldwide network of ADS-B receivers that track ADS-B-equipped aircraft flying around the globe. FlightAware owns and operates these receivers at hundreds of airports around the world in conjunction with airport operators. We also invite customers and professional users to f…
Lab599 Discovery TX-500 – Ultra-compact transceiver
Lab599 Discovery radio tailored for adventure, for extremes, for using in places unattainable before, with no sacrifice of performance or features.
You Are Immune Against Every Disease
Order IMMUNE here: – It’s available in English and German and at online retailers it should be available in pretty much all count...